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Nitro Staxx


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Nitro Staxx Snowboard Bindings-Pepper

The STAXX snowboard binding from Nitro is designed for men who want to start snowboarding. If you want to evolve and progress with your own equipment, the STAXX are perfect for you because they are accessible and tolerant . With this model, snowboard learning will be facilitated through all its features. Durable , STAXX bindings will accompagny you over several years !

  • The highback is the back part of the binding, which supports the back of the boots and has to maximize the stabilization of the body. Different types of spoilers : a high and stiff spoiler improves control and stability - a low and flexible spoiler targets beginners or freestylers. Snowboard bindings without spoiler are designed for expert riders because of more difficult board control due to a better ankle mobility
  • The base frame it's the link between the boots and the board. Base frame is a shock absorber that reduces pressure and gives more pop to the board. This part of the binding is important because it absorbs shocks especially during jumping landings.
  • The STAXX is equipped with hammer highback which is asymmetric ergonomic spoilers
  • The STAXX attachment has a solid monobloc base
  • Features an EVA dampening system : it's an EVA foam cushioning pad
  • Perfect fit ankle strap : is a strap which protects the foot. Wider, it keeps the boots in place in the binding. Its design is realized to obtain a tightening adjustement
  • BEST convertible toe strap: the strap situated at the end of you foot, can be tightened through two ways : by the top of the boot or by the end of the boot
  • The easy entry buckles and ratchets of the STAXX binding make it easy. With this technology, you will not waste your time and not fight with your bindings after each chairlift.
  • STAXX binding promises comfort, freedom and responsiveness